Dishwasher Repair

dishwasher repair


A dishwasher is a major time saver and a really convenient appliance to own. This means it is a big inconvenience when you have a broken dishwasher. In order to prevent the need to wash dishes by hand, you should hire a local appliance repair service soon after you realize the issue. Vance Appliance Repair is a trusted service that offers emergency dishwasher repair.

Our repairmen are trained to troubleshoot and repair all dishwasher issues. We are sure to load our trucks with parts and the right tools to ensure we can finish the repair service in the first appointment. We realize just how inconvenient it is when there is a broken appliance in a home, especially when it is a dishwasher. That’s why we aim to fix dishwashers efficiently with friendly, professional service.



We are experienced in troubleshooting and repairing dishwasher problems that can cause irregular sounds to come from the appliance. The cause of the noises is a broken pump housing, washer arm bearing or motor bushing. Because these are common malfunctions, customers can depend on us to fix them immediately!


There are primarily two reasons a dishwasher is leaking water. The most common reason is there’s a problem with the door latch or closure and it will need to be replaced. Another issue is a failed water inlet valve that can be fixed immediately upon our arrival to your home. We have the replacement parts to fix GE, Whirlpool, LG and all common brands of dishwashers.


First, if a dishwasher will not start or turn on, you confirm the dishwasher is plugged in and none of the circuit breakers. If this isn’t the problem, the issue could be coming from the door latch switches, electronic controls, thermal fuses or motor relays.


A dishwasher is supposed to fill up with water and then drain water after the dishes are clean. Your dishwasher doesn’t fill when there’s a broken door switch or float switch or a broken water inlet valve. Your dishwasher doesn’t drain if there is a malfunctioning drain pump motor or drain hose on the unit.


A dishwasher is not of much use when dishes are always dirty after a cycle. The dishes can still be dirty if there’s a broken housing gasket, filter or water tube or spray arm. We have manufacturer parts available to repair dishwasher problems right away.


The reasons to own a dishwasher is for the appliance to wash and dry dishes. You don’t want to have to hand dry your dishes and silverware after a cycle. Your dishwasher will not dry when there is a broken rinse aid dispenser, heating element or thermostat. We are able to repair or replace all parts for the drying functions of all brands and models of dishwashers.


In order for a dishwasher to wash dishes, it should be able to dispense soap or detergent in the appliance. This will not occur when there is a broken bi-metal release, timer or wax motor.